Klovin Marius Ziska - coverart

Marius Ziska – Klovin

For a long time, Marius Ziska has been one of the most significant voices in Faroese music. The band has amassed a sizable fan base both inside and outside of the North with the publication of five albums. He has been compared to Bon Iver and Icelandic artist sgeir Trausi because of their shared musical preferences. The sorrow of the Faroese landscape is combined with Marius Ziska’s love of electronic pop music.

Marius Ziska and his band recently released a track named Klovin which is a track that will surely have you swaying. Taken from their forthcoming new album “RÚM”, out on March 10th via Tutl Records.

“Marius Ziska and his band weaves a beautiful musical mesh with their intricate instrumentation and vocals to die for.”

The fifth track from Marius Ziska’s next album “RUM,” due out in March, is titled “Klovin.” One of the more upbeat tracks by Marius, the band completely loses themselves in a funky pop groove. Marianna Winter, Katrina Olsen, and Jasmin Mote, three vivacious female vocals support the production’s vocoders, synths, and exotic basslines.

This is surely a track that will dig deep into your emotions and touch your heart! Do give it a go. Catch a muse down here-


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